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Ladies and gentleman it’s time to take out the bedazzler gun! Rhinestones are back in style.

According to the designers this Winter we should all wear embellished shoes. No matter if it’s a fancy high heel sandal or sneakers – big rhinestones are a must! It has a Wow factor that will take every outfit from the ordinary to  extraordinary. I love how every designer had his own interpretation of the trend. Miu Miu kept it understated and simple, where Dolce and Gabbana and Giuseppe Zanotti went all out with big statement shoes.

This is my superstar team of embellished shoes. One thing is for sure – I’ll be dreaming on those Miu Miu oxfords all night long.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Clothing ETC.


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A few weeks ago, I took a good look at my husband’s closet. One thing was very clear, he was seriously lacking in the “cool sneakers department”. Luckily, we were heading to New York for Spring break.

I didn’t really have any specific idea about what we should buy, but I knew the shoe had to have a “kick” to it. Also, I wanted something that will transition from season to season and from dressy attire to more casual attire. J’s only requirement was that we will buy on pair of “Cole Haan” which is his favorite travel/work/casual shoe. We bought all the “Lanvin” pairs at a ample sale, so I couldn’t resist and picked out a pair for me as well.

Take a look at our new sneakers and tell me what are your “cool” shoes?


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