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Sample Sale

Back in April, just hours before we left for the airport, J and I went to a LANVIN sample sale. We were enjoying and taking our time that New York morning until it was explained to us that if we were not there when the doors flung open there was no point of going. At a sample sale everything is 80% off original price. The best advice we got before going in was NOT to buy something just because it’s 80% off.

On our way there, I thought that I was going to this glamorous sale at a Madison Ave. boutique. When we arrived at an office building with instructions to go to the fourth level, I began to realize my glamorous thoughts were far, far from reality.

The elevator’s door opened to a 20-something year old with a clip board demanding to know our names (“if you’re not on the list you CAN’T go in!”) Once she verified that we were on the list, she said (in a not-so-nice-voice) that we must leave our jackets outside. Only small wallets allowed.

Another door opened to a very boring, packed office space with people running around with clothes and shoes in their hands. J went to the men’s side and I went to the women’s side. The last thing he said was to come and get him if I saw something nice. What a typical guy , describing LANVIN as nice! So, here I was trying on gowns with tags that ranged from $1000 to the sky, realizing I had nowhere to wear these gowns. I took them sadly off and checked on J who was having too much fun picking sneakers: “do you think I should take all 4 pairs?”

We did a lot of editing while we stood in line to pay. The girl in front of us took so many pieces she maxed out her credit card. I hope for her sake she wears everything she bought every day (and oh: no returns, no refunds or exchanges).

So, here is my LANVIN outfit for 80% off: dress, shoes (100% silk) and belt (python leather) all for less than $700.




Clothing ETC.


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A few weeks ago, I took a good look at my husband’s closet. One thing was very clear, he was seriously lacking in the “cool sneakers department”. Luckily, we were heading to New York for Spring break.

I didn’t really have any specific idea about what we should buy, but I knew the shoe had to have a “kick” to it. Also, I wanted something that will transition from season to season and from dressy attire to more casual attire. J’s only requirement was that we will buy on pair of “Cole Haan” which is his favorite travel/work/casual shoe. We bought all the “Lanvin” pairs at a ample sale, so I couldn’t resist and picked out a pair for me as well.

Take a look at our new sneakers and tell me what are your “cool” shoes?


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