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Gearing up for Spring

Spring is FINALLY here!

After months of wearing Uggs and a parka I can finally wear a jacket and accessorize with jewelry instead of cashmere scarves. The last few weeks, I have been busy cleaning up my closet, dusting all my spring flats and reorganizing my jewelry. I took a good look and came up with a list of add-on’s for this upcoming season. Then, I went shopping.

I decided to jump on the espadrille’s bandwagon and purchase a pair. I chose the Chanel black and white leather one, so it will transition to fall as well. For jewelry, I went to my favorite place: J Crew. I think that during the last two years they’ve really stepped up their game. The jewelry line is exciting, unique and affordable.

The pieces below are my go-to jewelry for this Spring/Summer season. They work well and complement every outfit from casual to dressy. They also hit the mark in terms of trends – a little bit of neon, white and boho chic.

Last but not least, fun Essie nail polish colors and my must-have L’Occitane hand cream and Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm.



My latest J Crew purchases:






I found this necklace at my nail salon. It’s by Ettika. Ettika’s designers  Ettie Rafaeli and Joey Rafaeli feed their design drive with inspirations from living the sunny Los Angeles California lifestyle. 


Essie colors: “russian roulette”, “too too hot”, “boat house” and “orange, it’s obvious!”. Also, after this winter I’m using “grow stronger” base and “no chips ahead” top coat