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New Beauty Buys

I have recently decided to expand my beauty horizons and try something new. It’s my philosophy that if I like the product and I’ve been using it for years…why change? Well, there are actually many reasons to update the beauty routine but the main one is that your skin gets comfortable and those lovely ingredients stop working their magic.

I did a little research, read a bit and browsed some more before deciding on a new beauty regime that combines the main stream with high end products. I have been using all these products over the last couple of months and I’m super happy. My skin feels fresh and rejuvenated! This is exactly what I need in preparation for the cold and dry Michigan Winter ahead.

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Casual Chic

During the Summer, I often feel like all I do is drive. Actually, when I think about it, my whole day is spent in my car. I drive to science camp and back home, to the pool and back, to the playground and back, running errands, grocery shopping and the list goes on.

So, during these lovely long summer days, I want to be as comfortable as I can while still keeping the chic factor. I know how tempting it is to just wear Lululemon athletic cloths  all day long, but I try to avoid it on days that I don’t work out.

Back in February when I was buried in snow, I bought a few pairs of J Crew shorts for summer. I needed something to cheer me up…I just knew I would wear them, all the time. I love them. I chose really bright, fun colors such as lime green and orange. They look perfect with a plain white T or a button down Denim shirt.

Here is my summer UNIFORM: a comfy T, shorts, espadrilles and a big bag to carry my entire house.






Photos by Kate Bolt

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50 Shades of White

When I first moved to the United States I learned (for the first time) that apparently there is a rule where you can’t wear White after Labor Day. I thought it was strange. Some years, it is still warm and sunny in September, so why not wear White?! But rules, are rules, and that year I was the ONLY one wearing White jeans in mid-September (which was perfectly fine by me).

By now, half of the Summer is already behind us, I thought it only made sense to create an inspiration board of everything White for the rest of the Summer. While browsing the web for ideas, I kept looking at all the beautiful photos people are posting on Instagram from Capri and Portofino

My first inspiration is actually from Chanel’s Fall 2014 Couture runway show. I dream of this dress. Karl Lagerfeld’s creative mind is amazing. As Tim Blanks from described Chanel’s runway show last week: “…there was look after look of a gorgeousness so exquisite it could only be achieved in ateliers that were accustomed to confronting the impossible—and mastering it.”

So, here are my ideas for a  stylish vacation in the Italian Riviera! Oh, and “gorgeousness” is my new favorite word.

Buon Viaggio! 

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  1. Chanel Fall 2014
  2. Halter bikini by Australian designer Zimmermann
  3. White embroidered dinner napkins by Mark and Graham
  4. Lace romper by Zimmermann
  5. Faux pearl and Swarovski necklace by Kenneth Jay Lane
  6. Panama Hat by British designer Melissa Odabash
  7. Canvas Tote by Mark and Graham
  8. Suede-paneled Leather high heel sandals by Sergio Rossi
  9. Flat sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals 
  10. Alexander McQueen Cat eye sunglasses
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Gearing up for Spring

Spring is FINALLY here!

After months of wearing Uggs and a parka I can finally wear a jacket and accessorize with jewelry instead of cashmere scarves. The last few weeks, I have been busy cleaning up my closet, dusting all my spring flats and reorganizing my jewelry. I took a good look and came up with a list of add-on’s for this upcoming season. Then, I went shopping.

I decided to jump on the espadrille’s bandwagon and purchase a pair. I chose the Chanel black and white leather one, so it will transition to fall as well. For jewelry, I went to my favorite place: J Crew. I think that during the last two years they’ve really stepped up their game. The jewelry line is exciting, unique and affordable.

The pieces below are my go-to jewelry for this Spring/Summer season. They work well and complement every outfit from casual to dressy. They also hit the mark in terms of trends – a little bit of neon, white and boho chic.

Last but not least, fun Essie nail polish colors and my must-have L’Occitane hand cream and Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm.



My latest J Crew purchases:






I found this necklace at my nail salon. It’s by Ettika. Ettika’s designers  Ettie Rafaeli and Joey Rafaeli feed their design drive with inspirations from living the sunny Los Angeles California lifestyle. 


Essie colors: “russian roulette”, “too too hot”, “boat house” and “orange, it’s obvious!”. Also, after this winter I’m using “grow stronger” base and “no chips ahead” top coat 







Clothing ETC.

What’s in my makeup bag?

I must start this post with a confession: I don’t wear makeup daily and sometimes if we have a quiet weekend I don’t wear makeup for over a week. When I wake up in the morning I’m “on the go” with my girls and I just don’t have time for myself. And honestly, I feel comfortable in my own skin. That being said, I love the way I look wearing makeup and I know how to apply it in a way that brings out the best of me.

Over the years, when ever I would get my makeup professionally done, I would ask as many questions as I could to learn what is the best way for me to apply makeup. What products should I use, what tools are recommended for me, etc. The result is that when I do wear makeup it suits me perfectly. I don’t know how to do smoky eyes, but I do know how to flawlessly apply red lipstick, and basically, that’s all you need to know in life.

The items below are my bullet proof, go-to, can’t go wrong products, and the most important thing – they always produce the same result: me looking at my best.

Here’s my list:

  1. Concealer –  Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat makes my eyes look as if  I slept a good 10 hour sleep. It takes all the darkness away and brings light. Some days, it’s the only thing I put on.
  2. Primer – Lancome La Base Pro Makeup Primer is surprisingly very light. It makes the surface of the skin smooth and moist. It keeps the makeup look good even after wearing it all day long.
  3. Makeup – Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 Hour is the makeup I’m using at the moment. I keep switching them, but I’m happy with it because, I will always get complements that I’m “glowing” with it.
  4. Blush – During the winter months when I’m as pale as the snow outside, I use Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic. I just love everything about it, especially that it is very subtle.  During the summer I love NARS Orgasam. I think you have to experience it on yourself, but it just makes the world better, more confident.
  5. Eyebrow – I’m a firm believer that everything starts and ends with eyebrows. You have to keep them in shape, take good care of them because, they rarely forgive you and grow back. The CHANEL sculpting eyebrow pencil just makes the job easy.
  6. Lips – Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine is the best lipstick out there. I have them in so many colors it’s disturbing. They just make my lips feel soft and shine bright like a diamond…
  7. Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Custom Volume Mascara makes my eyes look as if I have big full lashes. What more can you ask for?
  8. Eye shadow – Dex of DEX New York is an amazing makeup artist. He creates the most beautiful shades of colors. My favorite color is the “Grand Central” brown. It makes my boring brown eyes looks like something special.