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11 Things for Summer

I’m good at making lists. I write them constantly to help me keep organized. I also love to make fun lists of things I’d like to do, clothes that I’d love to wear, food that I want to make and places I wish to go.

Summer in Michigan is the best! We have daylight from 6AM to 10PM, we have beautiful beaches, great local farmer’s markets and lots of outdoor time. We usually spent most of our time either at the pool or on the beach.  I love to have friends over for  BBQ on our deck, and I’m always on the lookout for fun summer recipes. The list below is a little bit of everything – beach and pool items, and food and entertainment ideas.

I hope they will inspire you the way they’ve inspired me. I already made the Sangría for a dinner party I hosted last week, and I just bought the Beets for the salad.


  1. Beach chairs by Serena and Lilly
  2. Beautiful summer table setting by Crate and Barrel
  3. Lace Caftan by Miguelina
  4. Striped bikini by MIKOH
  5. Gold plate flat sandal by SEE BY CHLOE
  6. Illesteva Leonard Mirrored Lense Sunglasses
  7. Fresh flowers including my favorite pink peonies
  8. White Sangría with Mint, Peaches and Plums
  9. New Balance MINIMUS ZEO V2 in white, blue and coral.
  10. Vans for J Crew slip-on shoes
  11. Crushed Beets with Lemon Vinaigrette salad by bon appetit

From Paris with Love

Exactly a year ago today I went to Paris with my best friend to celebrate my 30th birthday. Spending 5 days with no husband or kids was something I have never done before. I was beyond excited!

T, my partner in crime, has been my friend for 10 years. It was an instant hit when we met the first day of Law School. We share the same passion for cooking and eating great, amazing, delicious food. We also share the same passion for nice things (this is me trying to say in nice words that we LOVE to shop together ;-)). I knew we are about to enjoy everything that Paris has to offer.

The first thing we did upon arrival was to book restaurants for every night. We used the concierge at our hotel to help us. Next, was to make a rough plan for our stay. We decided to spend half of each day on museums, galleries and walking around and the other half – enjoying the wonderful stores of paris. I loved touring the beautiful streets and admiring the history and the architecture.

This is my favorite list:

  • Eating my birthday dinner at L’Avenue. The Art-Deco design, the location on Av. Montaigne, the Burrata salad and the steak made it a perfect celebratory dinner.
  • Coming back to our hotel suite after a long day to discover that my Husband sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and  birthday card all the way from Michigan.
  • Standing in line for the designer sale at Galeries Lafayette and scoring a beautiful Gucci clutch, a purple Furla bag for spring and a cross body Mulberry bag in the perfect shade of brown.
  • Discovering french brands such as Maje, Vanessa Bruno and Comptoir des Contonniers. I bought some of the most beautiful, wearable and useful items in my wardrobe from those designers. Now, available in US department stores such as Bloomingdales.
  • Buying clothes for my girls in different shades of grey and pastels at Petit Bateau, and trying to convince my then 3-year-old that a grey dress is much prettier than a pink one.
  • Mama Shelter – we heard so many great things about this restaurant that we knew we had to check it out, but we couldn’t get any reservation for the time of our stay. So, T came up with the brilliant idea of going and pretending we had one. It worked! It’s amazing how confidence can get you anywhere. The vibe and the food made it a really fun evening.
  • Eating macaroons all day long from Laduree and Pierre Herme.
  • Spending a day at the Louver and then walking across the Seine river for lunch at Cafe de-Flore and walking around the streets of Saint-Germain-Des-Pres.
  • Spending a beautiful morning at Jardin des Tuileries and Musee de L’Orangerie admiing Monet’s Water Lilies.

It was an amazing trip full of food, laughter, rest, happiness and really good company. That is all you need in life!

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20140112-164014.jpg 20140112-164027.jpg


A New York minute for two

In October my husband and I “stole” a weekend to ourselves in New York without the girls. It was great spending time just the two of us away from the pressure of day-to-day family life. At some point I felt guilty I was having so much fun.

So, what did we do?

We went to lunch at “Sant Ambroeus” where we saw Carolina Herrera and I was completely star struck! Later that day, we went to the New York Philharmonic where we listened to Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini and Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11. It was amazing! Truly music that fills your soul and heart with joy. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant where we ate a very late dinner. We just wandered around until we found a place that had a table. It didn’t matter because the company we had was so much fun. I do remember eating a steak at 1AM, not really the best idea.

We ate Sunday brunch at “De Santos” where they serve unlimited champagne cocktails. If that wasn’t enough we went dancing  in the middle of the day at “Bagatelle”. That was an experience .Every 10 minutes or so, the DJ stopped the music and played the Superman theme music. At that point, four waiters carried a fifth waiter dressed as superman holding a bottle of Dom Perignon glowing in the dark. Only in New York…

In between all the partying and eating I was able to go visit my best friend who just had her first baby that weekend. I was so happy I was able to be there with her and for her. It made the whole trip much more special!

It was a short weekend but a magnificent one. The weather was amazing, love was in the air and the whole city at our disposal. Truly a new york minute for two.

IMG_3936  IMG_3925photo (6)   IMG_3922


Last days of summer

Every year we prolong our summer days by vacationing in Israel.  This time we stayed at the “Royal Beach”, a new hotel  recently built on the Tel Aviv promenade overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was wonderful! The weather and the atmosphere in Tel Aviv was great.

We tried two new restaurants recently opened in Tel Aviv. I have been reading different reviews about those two places, so I decided that this time we must check them out. I was not disappointed. The buzz was there for a reason.

The first place we went to was “Shulchan” by Chef Omer Miller.

HaShulchan offers a fresh creative cuisine, urban lively atmosphere, as well as intimate feel. Chef Omer Miller presents a menu of personal interpretations of the local modern cuisine: colorful clean presentation, multiple combinations of very few products, minimal processing and hints of familiar flavors.”

We went to Shulchan with close friends for an evening of great company and great food – it was more than that. The restaurant had a fun vibe to it. Full of young, beautiful people enjoying a night out. The food was creative, fresh and simple. I will definitely go back!

The second place we went to was “Taizu” by Chef Yuval Ben Neriah.

Taizu – Asia Terranean Kitchen, A new concept restaurant based on chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s personal interpretation of street foods of five countries in South East Asia – India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Taizu was a different experience… We went to the restaurant with another couple to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. The decor was amazing, very contemporary but inviting. The food was so different from anything I have ever tasted. It changes its flavor while you eat it! Very unique. Not sure that it’s on my “must have” list of restaurants, but definitely a place to go at least once.

Here are a few snapshots from the trip: