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Something about J

Our 7 year anniversary is coming up and exactly a week after it is J’s birthday. Every year around this time J gives me his usual “lecture”: “I don’t want any gifts, I don’t need anything…” My response is always the same:”…but I want gifts!”

I must admit that he is a tough guy to buy presents for, and I can’t keep a secret from him. I always plan ahead, order the gift in advance, and I tell myself that this year I will give it to him only on his birthday. Well, that never happens.

This year, I went for something I think he needed with a little bit of something he doesn’t know he wants. I remembered flipping through a catalog of “Mark and Graham” and seeing leather goods for men. I also thought about J’s tendency to forget his credit card when we go out. That is how I found the perfect gift and of course could not resist giving it to him early.

Cheers to us! Happy birthday my love!





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