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I am often asked: “Where do you shop?”  The reason, I guess, is because I live in a small town in the mid-west. Nothing exciting here, unless you count Target. The closest mall is about 45 minutes away, and the only thing interesting there is J Crew.

So, I do 95% of my shopping online. And I mean, furniture, home decor and necessities, cloths, shoes, makeup , skin care and  diapers. I know some people may be hesitant when it comes for online shopping, but I find it easy and convenient. That being said, I buy from the same vendors almost every time, so I  know what to expect in terms of shipping, returns and customer service.

The list below includes my “usual suspects”. I buy there all the time, and never had a bad experience.

  1. Room and Board – I came across this store strolling through the streets of Chicago and immediately fell in love. All the furniture in my house is from there. After doing our first major order in the store, I did the rest through their website. I found it to have all the images and the information you need  in order to buy online – even a sofa!
  2. One Kings Lane – is a limited time sale website that offers the best of top-brand, vintage and designer items for the home. You never know what you’re going to find and it’s only going to be available for 2-4 days, so you better hurry.
  3. West Elm – Pottery Barn’s cool sister. I found a lot of  home accessories, always at a great price.
  4. Bloomingdale’s – My own personal mall. I buy everything there. All my skincare, makeup, cloths, shoes, dishes, towels… you name it – I buy it through Bloomingdale’s. The reason is that they carry all the brands that I love, and I learned that it really pays off to be loyal to a specific store. You can receive benefits such as free shipping, special discount at certain events etc. Also, Bloomingdale’s will give you loyalist points to turn into cash for future purchases. 
  5. Amazon and Zappos – No explanation needed. I will say this, Amazon Prime is a mother’s best friend. The idea that almost everything can be delivered to my house within 48 hours – priceless! 
  6. Tea Collection and Mini Boden – Two of my favorite Children’s wear lines. I love the styles, the fabrics and how the clothes look after 10 loads in the washer.
  7. The Land of Nod – Crate and Barrel’s little sister. Beautiful furniture and home decor for kids. I love everything about them. Great, great design.
  8. The Honest Company – I read an article with Jessica Alba (one of the founders) and decided to give them a try. For the last year each month I get a bundle of diapers and wipes. Their products are safe, eco-friendly, beautiful,  and convenient. There is something to be said about a diaper covered with  a strawberry print.  





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