Lovely pretty things

Spring is nowhere to be found. I know…I said it already, but seriously, it’s been two weeks and it’s still snowing. So, its time to talk about how I’m getting my girls (Carmel 4 and Ella 2) ready for Spring/Summer.

I like to take advantage of preview sales as I prepare for the upcoming season. I find that its an easy and affordable way to start building the girls wardrobe, especially since they are growing so fast I can’t use their clothes and shoes from last year.  When there is a promotion or a sale going on I’ll buy whatever is on sale. By doing so, I usually have everything I need by mid-April.  I think that because we are experiencing such a cold, long winter people are not buying Spring stuff, so there are a lot more sales going on.

I have my favorite brands that I like to shop for my girls, such as: Mini Boden, Tea Collection, CREWCUTS, ZARA KIDS and Baby Gap. I have been buying cloths from these brands for years, I’m happy with the price range, the design, the quality and how it looks after a day at school and 10 loads in the washer.  It is very important to me that my girls will have fun, colorful and comfortable cloths.

So, what do we have here?

T-shirts by Mini Boden


T-shirt and skirt by Mini Boden


T-shirt and a tutu skirt by ZARA KIDS


Bag and flats by CREWCUTS


Dress and cardigan by ZARA BABY (Ella’s outfit fir Passover)



Fancy dress by Ralph Lauren Kids (Carmel’s outfit for Passover and a gift from Allie)




Hair accessories I bought at a local boutique (


Swim suits by Mini Boden




Polka dots tights by Mini Boden


Photos by Kate Bolt


One thought on “Lovely pretty things

  1. Rozi says:

    hi there!
    I’m looking for the Ralph Lauren fancy dress posted here. Do you know he name of it or where I can find it online? Thanks!

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