Last days of summer

Every year we prolong our summer days by vacationing in Israel.  This time we stayed at the “Royal Beach”, a new hotel  recently built on the Tel Aviv promenade overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was wonderful! The weather and the atmosphere in Tel Aviv was great.

We tried two new restaurants recently opened in Tel Aviv. I have been reading different reviews about those two places, so I decided that this time we must check them out. I was not disappointed. The buzz was there for a reason.

The first place we went to was “Shulchan” by Chef Omer Miller.

HaShulchan offers a fresh creative cuisine, urban lively atmosphere, as well as intimate feel. Chef Omer Miller presents a menu of personal interpretations of the local modern cuisine: colorful clean presentation, multiple combinations of very few products, minimal processing and hints of familiar flavors.”

We went to Shulchan with close friends for an evening of great company and great food – it was more than that. The restaurant had a fun vibe to it. Full of young, beautiful people enjoying a night out. The food was creative, fresh and simple. I will definitely go back!

The second place we went to was “Taizu” by Chef Yuval Ben Neriah.

Taizu – Asia Terranean Kitchen, A new concept restaurant based on chef Yuval Ben Neriah’s personal interpretation of street foods of five countries in South East Asia – India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Taizu was a different experience… We went to the restaurant with another couple to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. The decor was amazing, very contemporary but inviting. The food was so different from anything I have ever tasted. It changes its flavor while you eat it! Very unique. Not sure that it’s on my “must have” list of restaurants, but definitely a place to go at least once.

Here are a few snapshots from the trip:




2 thoughts on “Last days of summer

  1. Daniel Padnos says:

    I can’t wait to try Talzu – his interpretation of street food in Asian countries!? That’s just amazing. When do we go?

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